In conjunction with our good friend Royson Valore of Rustufarion Pulis we will be campaigning numerous Pulis from the Rustufarion Kennel this year. Our close friendship with Royson for more than 15 years now has seen us have the opportunity to share in this wonderfully unique breed.

We are currently campaigning Aust Supreme Ch Rustufarion Indelible Ink and Aust Ch Rustufarion Cause For Applause (AI) as well as having the pleasure of introducing some new 'Future Stars' to the show ring...

Rustufarion Pulis have proudly been met with much success to date. We are pleased and proud to be involved with such a lovely breed, and would like to take this opportunity to thank Royson for all his time, generosity, wisdom and most importantly friendship.



Aust Ch Rustufarion Cause For Applause (AI)





Aust Supreme Ch Rustufarion Cyber Kaos



Aust Supreme Ch Rustufarion Tell All






Rustufarion Youngsters

Currently visiting at Tullaview...


Past Champions

Rustufarion Pulis who have become a part of the Tullaview extended family...

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