We began in the world of dogs with the Border Collie in 1975, breeding with much success in the Tullaview name, and for some years under the Tullagale prefix also. We are proud to have bred more than 35 Conformation Champion Border Collies in this time, several dual-country Champions and a number of dogs titled in other performance disciplines. We are incredibly proud of the legacy that our Border Collies have contributed to the breed in Australia and abroad.

We are proud to present in the galleries below our current 'Tullaview Crew' - these are the Border Collies owned and/or bred by Tullaview who are currently in the show ring. Thanks must be extended to our growing Border Collie Family, an undeniably huge part of the team, who own, love and campaign a Tullaview Border Collie, as well as to those breeders who have allowed us the privilege of having one of your special Border Collies as part of our family in return. It really is a team effort and we couldn't do it without you!

Proudly presenting the Tullaview Team...


Ch Tullaview Take Your Mark (AI)


Ch Tullaview This Time Around (AI)


Ch Tullaview Turn Me Loose


Ch Tullaview Truth Be Told (AI)


Ch Tullaview Turn Back Time


Ch Tullaview Turns Me On


Ch Sashdan It Takes A Village At Tullaview (AI)

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