Tullaview have been breeding Border Collies since our first litter in 1976 and have enjoyed much success with many of our own home-bred Champions. Our aim is to breed healthy and happy puppies, who combine elegance and all-round soundness with the endearing, willing-to-please temperament that make a truly special Border Collie and (most importantly) family companion.

More so, we are constantly striving to develop the available gene-pool in Australia. We utilise the most current veterinary research and DNA health testing to ensure our stock is genetically healthy now and into the future. Our focus on health includes: AVA hip & elbow x-ray scoring, ACES clinical eye examinations (including gonioscopy), and DNA lab screening for currently available genetic tests. We do this as ANKC registered breeders and under the guidelines of our breed club Code of Ethics. All our puppies are registered with Dogs NSW.

At Tullaview, our dogs are first and foremost our much-loved family companions. We only have a small number of dogs in our family at any one time and thus do not breed litters regularly. We do not keep waiting lists. Our primary aim has always been for quality, not quantity.

To this end, when we do decide to have a litter our main intention is to keep a puppy to add to our own family, and accordingly is a task undertaken with the upmost care and planning. Our selection of families is likewise carefully thought out, striving to make suitable matches between dog and family and offering our support and guidance to new owners along the journey.

Please take a moment to meet our team we have proudly presented on this website. We encourage potential puppy buyers, if they would like to know more about us and our dogs, to email us via the website and let us know a little more about yourselves. Please understand that because we breed infrequently (in recent years on average once every year or two) we do not often have puppies available.

OUR CURRENT AVAILABILITY We do not have any litters planned or dogs available at this time.


Border Babies
Denim at 8 weeks.
Thomas Puppy
Rita Puppy



Below are some of our extended Tullaview family in their forever-loving homes. We would like to thank all our families who have welcomed one of our Border Collies into their homes over the years!  We love to be kept up-to-date on all your adventures!