Multiple Best In Show Winning

National Specialty Best In Show Winner



Ruby at 3 years.
Ruby at 3 years.



Born: 9 May 2013

Tullaview were incredibly excited to welcome Ruby to our family in September 2013. She came to us from close friends Lynn & Bill Harrison and their world-renowned Tullacrest Border Collie kennel, and we are eternally grateful to them for entrusting her to our family. Our precious Ruby's career was outstanding, with Best In Show All Breeds, Multiple Best In Specialty Shows and Multiple Best In Group awards to her credit. But the greatest thrill she has given us is the realisation of a dream: BEST IN SHOW at the 4th Australian Border Collie National in 2016! Not only an accomplished showgirl, Ruby had time out to bless us with two beautiful litters, and passed on many of the attributes that make her a top Border Collie to her children, including her confident (albeit at times bossy) and endearing character. She produced five Australian Champions, all of which are In Group and In Show winners! Our lives are richer for having her in it - taken too soon, she will be forever missed.

Best In Specialty Show 2018 & New Supreme Champion!

Best In Show - 4th Border Collie National 2016

Multiple Best In Specialty Show wins

Ruby began her show career with Baby Puppy of Breed at Adelaide Royal 2013. She since went from strength to strength, particularly in the Specialty ring and under Border Collie breeder-judges. Some highlights include:

  • BEST IN NATIONAL SPECIALTY SHOW, Bitch Challenge & Best Australian Bred In Show (4th Australian Border Collie National, Queensland 2016) - Ruby had just turned three at the time of this exciting win under Judith Gregory (Tonkory BCs)

  • Best In Show (All Breeds) at two years old

  • Best In Specialty Show (NSW Southern Dist BC Club September 2015 - Saturday)

  • Best In Specialty Show (NSW Southern Dist BC Club September 2016 - Saturday) under Nadia Attridge (Classicyds BCs)

  • Runner Up Best In Specialty Show (NSW Southern Dist BC Club September 2016 - Sunday)

  • Best In Specialty Show (BCCNSW April 2017) under Janice Baldwin (Yarrancoly BCs)

  • Best In Show (ACT & Dist Combined Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club June 2017) under Joanne McCann (Jopearl BCs)

  • Best In Specialty Show (NSW Southern Dist BC Club September 2018 - Sunday)

  • Reserve Bitch Challenge & Open In Show (NSW Southern Dist BC Club September 2019 - Saturday)
  • Multiple Best In Group & Multiple Runner Up Best In Group (All Breeds) winner, including being awarded by breed specialist judges John Sullivan (Kennoway BCs) and Lorraine Warren-Powell (Tuckonie BCs)

  • Best Headed Bitch, 1st Place Puppy Bitch & Opposite Puppy In Show (3rd Australian Border Collie National, Victoria 2014) under John Ritchie (Dykebar BCs)

  • 2nd Best Gaited Bitch, 3rd Best Headed Bitch & 3rd Dam & Progeny class (5th Australian Border Collie National, NSW 2019) under Property judge Emily Barnhart (Pawcific BCs). We were thrilled that all five of Ruby's children placed in their respective breed classes at the 5th National, including TWO class winners!

Ruby attained her final qualification to become an Australian Supreme Champion in September 2018 with her fifth Breed Specialty Best In Show win! And all of this has been achieved despite being a girl who is not always in her best 'party clothes' and after having two extended breaks whilst on maternity leave.  She was truly one-in-a-million and we are considerably blessed to have had her in our lives.

Multiple Best In Group (All Breeds) wins

Best In Specialty Show 2016

Best In Specialty Show 2015

Ruby and her glorious haul from the 2016 BC National.

Critique from the 4th Border Collie National 2016 judge, Mrs Judith Gregory (Tonkory BCs), reads: "Standing so balanced, lovely top line, lovely croup, pretty head, well used ears, dark eye, muzzle not too short, good neck, nice shoulder with lovely coat, straight, good top line, very good angulation from behind, move out very well and very sound coming and going." 1st Place Australian Bred Bitch Class!

Ruby then went on to win Bitch Challenge and the ultimate BEST IN NATIONAL SPECIALTY SHOW: "A beautiful 3-year-old black & white bitch; robust in build and will probably make a superb brood bitch. Outstanding conformation and balance. Feminine expression, alert & responsive to handler. Correct bite, good pigment and dark eye of good shape. Defined stop and flat skull. Up and tipped ears which were responsive & mobile. Good length of neck which was slightly arched and flowing into well layered shoulders and then firm top line. Well moulded croup and excellent tail set. Tail long and well furnished. Neat hocks. She moved very soundly coming and going and just covered the ground with ease on her side gait. This bitch was expertly handled especially in the confined space we had to use for the “Best” of all classes in the torrential rain." Thank you Judith for this lovely keepsake!

Critique from the April 2014 BCCNSW judge, Mr J Black (Victoria), reads: "Beautiful bitch, pretty much everything that you look for in a Border Collie bitch, feminine, beautiful proportions, sweet head and expression, balanced front and rear angulation, great tail set.Ruby won Puppy In Show!

Critique from the 3rd Border Collie National 2014 judge, Mr John Ritchie (Dykebar BCs), reads: "What a classy youngster this is, so full of breed type, lovely feminine head, balanced, could have a touch more stop, dark well shaped eye, flat skull, lovely ear set and carriage, moderate neck, good withers, correct front angles, good balanced body, solid topline, nice croup, good tail set and carriage, lovely well angulated hind quarters and neat hocks, she moved soundly out and back and showed real reach and drive on the side gait, not in her best bib and tucker but had nothing to hide, so well presented and sympathetically handled to get the very best from her, I predict when back into coat will have a very bright future, a top quality lady only held back with her lack of maturity." Ruby was 1st Puppy Bitch & Opposite Puppy In Show!

Critique from April 2017 BCCNSW judge, Mrs Janice Baldwin (Yarrancoly BCs), reads: "Beautifully balanced bitch of excellent breed type. Good proportions and substance, presenting a smooth outline. Feminine head with good expression, dark eye, intelligent, alert expression. Large ears which did detract slightly from the overall balance of the head. Good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders, forechest moderately broad and well sprung ribs. Well boned forelegs with sound, strong feet. Firm topline sloping gracefully to set on of tail. Broad hindquarters, well let down into hock, strong rear pasterns. This lovely sound bitch did not disappoint on the move, she used all that she had and then some, moving smoothly with purpose, stealth and economy. Great reach and drive with a minimum lift of feet, head and tail carriage correct and level topline. True out and back.  Superbly handled and presented." Ruby was awarded Best In Show!

Critique from NSW Southern Dist Country BC Saturday Specialty 2019 judge, Mrs D Puttock (ACT), reads: "Excellent breed type, pleasing outline, excellent front, and pleasing head piece. Clean coming and going and balanced on the move with good reach and drive. The only thing that let this lovely bitch down on the day was her carrying a little too much weight. This bitch was of excellent type, and she pushed my challenge winner..." Ruby was awarded Reserve Bitch Challenge on her first outing back after having puppies.

Critique from the NSW Southern Dist Country BC Sunday Specialty 2019 judge, Mrs K Sneath (Victoria), reads: "Very well presented quality bitch, working in harmony with her handler she covered the ground well and moved soundly. Well-proportioned with a smooth outline, she maintains her strong topline on the move. Typical head with mild expression. She is a little up right in front for me, with rounder bone and feet than I would like. I note that she is the dam of both the BEST MINOR PUPPY & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW and I can see her influence."