We have had the great privilege to share our lives with some very special 'corded' people over the last two decades and have a strong love of these unique little Hungarians. However, whilst we co-own a couple of the Rustufarion Puli kennel and have had involvement campaigning many more, we do not breed litters.

On this page you will find out some more information about the Puli youngsters we will be assisting in showing. If you would like to learn more about this breed, we recommend you visit the Rustufarion Puli website which contains a great deal of information regarding the breed history, characteristics, grooming and more.

Currently campaigning the following youngsters from the Rustufarion Puli team...


At present, we do not have any Puli youngsters in our show team.

Liza 6weeks
Parker 2years Title
Contact RUSTUFARION PULI with your puppy enquiry... Whilst we love the Puli as part of our family, we do not breed them ourselves. We recommend you contact our good friend Royson Valore of Rustufarion Pulis directly with your enquiry for a puppy or adult at www.rustufarion.com.au